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Will Mosquito and Tick Defender kill all the mosquitos and ticks on my property?

It’s impossible for any company or service to promise 100% protection from mosquitos and ticks. Still, our Mosquito and Tick Defender Program is the best of its kind, approved by Massachusetts State regulations, and greatly reduces the risk that you will be bothered by these insects.

How long does each treatment application last?

Each treatment is designed for effectiveness up to 30 days. The time between your treatments will range from 21-29 days, so you are never without proper protection and coverage.

What if I am not home when you arrive for a treatment?

No problem, your presence is not necessary since our work is 100% outside and around your home. You’ll know we’ve been there because we will leave a note behind telling you we were there and a treatment was administered.

What kind of invoice will I receive for each treatment?

After each treatment visit, we leave behind a detailed invoice detailing what we applied. It’s usually somewhere near the home’s most commonly used entrance. We also may make recommendations, such as (a) get rid of standing water in buckets, (b) dump water off the tarp covering the wood pile, (c) remove stockpile of leaves behind the shed etc… If we see something contributing to the attraction of ticks or mosquitos, you can count on us to point that out. If you have prepaid for the treatment service, the invoice will show a zero balance. If you have not prepaid for the service, the amount due will be listed on the invoice and is payable upon receipt.

How will I know if you are coming?

We will notify you by email in advance the day your treatment is scheduled so there are never any surprises.

Does Mosquito and Tick Defender provide service to commercial accounts as well as residential properties?

Yes, as long as you are in our Massachusetts service area. Please see our map for guidelines, and give us a call!

How do you bill for services?

At the time of service, we leave an invoice at your door. It will detail the cost of the treatment. Invoices are payable upon receipt.

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